FSU's RCR Course

Each Spring Semester

Many students think that an understanding of the Responsible Conduct of Research applies primarily to behavioral and biomedical sciences, but the elements of the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) applies to all disciplines of research and creativity (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences).

Who should enroll in this graduate one-hour Responsible Research course? Anyone planning to:

  • publish
  • collect and/or share data
  • conduct collaborative research
  • avoid conflicts of interest (e.g., financial, intellectual)
  • conduct human subject research
  • conduct animal research
  • mentor
  • serve as a peer reviewer

The in-state tuition and textbook will be provided for each student enrolled in the course (limited to 90 students). The Responsible Research one-hour graduate course is offered each spring semester.

Questions? Please email Dr. Devine at jdevine@fsu.edu