Professional Development Workshop Series

University Libraries Graduate Student Workshops [All Stages- Scholarly Development]

  • Copyright and Dissertation- 11/5- 11 AM, Strozier 0005A; 11/6- 2 PM, Dirac 208
  • Academic Social Networks- 11/19- 11 AM, Dirac 208; 11/20, 3 PM, Strozier 0005A

Financial Workshop Series

  • "Be Financially Fit" by Prudential- 11/6- 4-5 PM, Dunlap Success Center in Room 2201/2202
  • "Paying Off Your Student Loans" by the Financial Aid Office- 11/13- 4-5 PM, Dunlap Success Center in Room 2201/2202
  • "Budgeting" by FSU Credit Union- 11/20- 4-5 PM, Dunlap Success Center in Room 2201/2202

*Hosted by the Career Center in partnership with the Alumni Association

The Graduate School partners with the FSU Career Center , the Office of Graduate Fellowships & Awards , the University Libraries , and the Leadership Center in offering professional development workshops during the academic year and summer terms as well. The University Libraries offers many research-oriented workshops that may be used to meet requirements of the Preparing Future Faculty and Preparing Future Professionals Certificates. Workshops are intended to provide opportunities for graduate students and postdocs to develop the following five core competencies: Communication, Teaching, Scholarly Development (advanced knowledge and skills), Professionalism (leadership, ethics, transferable skills), and Career Development. Each workshop listed below has one or more competency labels. Workshops are also intended to be appropriate at one or more stages of graduate study or postdoctoral experience:  Early stage, Middle stage, Late stage, or All stages. Students and postdoctoral scholars may attend workshops more than once and during any stage. The labels simply provide suggested attendance timeframes and core competencies. Some of our workshops are conducted every other year. For example, last spring, we offered the Contracts & Grants Workshop, while February 6, 2015, we will conduct the Faculty in a Research University: Expectations, Opportunities and Challenges Workshop.

Click here for a list of other campus-wide professional development opportunities.

Fall 2014 Upcoming Workshops:

Nervous about your conference/seminar presentation? Feeling unprepared? Thinking about cancelling? [Middle & Late Stages]

November 6, 2014, 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Scholars Commons, 05A, Strozier

Core Competencies: Communication, Scholarly Development

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Proffitt, Associate Professor, School of Communication

Description: When the workshop ends, you will replace your nervousness with confidence that you will present your research with clarity, succinctly, and calmly.  Among other points, Dr. Profitt will discuss your presentation’s structure and delivery, the use of visual aids, and how to prepare for questions from the audience. *Qualifies for PFF/PFP/PIE Credit

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Negotiating Job Offers [Late Stage]

November 13, 2014, 3:00-4:30 PM

Dunlap Career Center, 1006

Core Competencies: Career Development, Communication

Presenter: Dr. Janet Lenz, Associate Director, FSU Career Center

Description: Did you know that you can prepare to negotiate job offers? This workshop will include discussion of the uniqueness of each negotiation, factors that may be negotiated, what is involved in making the best decision, how to negotiate from a point of power, and the final steps. *Qualifies for PFF/PFP/PIE Credit

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How to Teach with Technology [Early & Middle Stages]

November 19, 2014; 3:30 PM-5 PM

3009 Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House

Core Competency: Teaching

Presenters: PIE Graduate Student Teaching Associates: Jeremiah Campbell, Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Science, Florida State University; Luis Santiago, Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University

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*Qualifies for PFF/PFP/PIE Credit


*PFF = Preparing Future Faculty Certificate Program

*PFP = Preparing Future Professionals Certificate Program

*PIE = Program for Instructional Excellence Advanced Certificate